rampart and auger Are Banned For all Games With GGRules 

Stock2, FMJ 2, and the Mozu are NOW BANNED

The Swordfish is now BANNED

Global 2v2 SnD 1nD XBOX

Xbox One

Wed, Aug 21, 2019 7:00 PM | 1st Place Prize: $168 + Gold Trophy

Region NA
Membership Restriction Disabled
Amateur Only Disabled
Credits 5 credits/player
Tournament Global 2v2 SnD 1nD XBOX
Format 2v2
Registration Opens Wed, Aug 21, 2019 1:00 AM
Registration Closes Wed, Aug 21, 2019 7:00 PM
Eligible Teams 0
Max Teams 128
1st Prize $168 + Gold Trophy
2nd Prize Silver Trophy
3rd Prize Bronze Trophy
The bracket has not been generated yet


Improtant To Acknowledge 

It is the responsibility of all members to know and understand all rules before scheduling any matches or entry to any tournaments. Rules are subject to change at any time.

If any rules or settings are incorrect, follow your games guidelines and be sure to capture in-game proof to present of what you're claiming. For example, A 1v1 Fornite match played on Squads requires in-game proof of their being teams of 3/4 instead of teams of 2 for us to take any action.

Hosting, 1nDs, Bo3s, and Bo5s

-Host of each map is listed in the match details page provided to you. For kill based Fortnite "Best of" matches refer to the section found under "Fortnite Rules and Settings."

-1nD(1 and Done) the best-ranked team in a wager/ladder or the team with the best/lowest seed in a tournament will host a single map match.

-Best of 3 or 5 (Bo3, Bo5) where you play a series of maps to win the majority of maps listed ( win 2/3 or 3/5 to win). The host will switch off from map 1 as described in the 1nD scenario above to the other team until the last map which is TBD (To Be Determined)

-Best of 3 or Best of 5 the last map is TBD and is determined by the total number of applicable values earned by each team during the previous 2 or 4 maps, for instance in Fortnite Team A had 6 kills across map 1 and 2, whereas team B had 7 In this instance team B would host map 3. These values vary by game so be aware of your game's rules, for instance in Call of Duty titles; This would be determined by the team with the most rounds.

-If the game has dedicated servers, the host must choose a server appropriate for the designated region of the match and host player. You may choose either NA or EU as those are the only regions supported by GG. Failure to choose one of those server options can result in forfeiture. Do not host on Asia or Oceania.


Host Invites the host of your match must add and invite their opponents though it’s encouraged everybody to do so to expedite the match getting played speedily.

-Ties In the event the total number of applicable score points won are tied, the team with the best rank on the leaderboard in a wager/ladder or lowest seed in the tournament on the leaderboard will host. You can find team rank by visiting the team page of each team.

Note: leaving a best of 3 or best of 5 matches before it's completion to play any other matches or tournaments may result in a forfeiture of your map/match.

No showings


1. A team has 15 Minutes from the scheduled match time to show for matches; failure to do so could potentially result in a forfeiture of the match. In the situation that the opposing team does not show up for the scheduled match, you MUST contact Live Support (Link located at the bottom right of all pages).

2. When alerted to a no-show the administrator will then contact your opponent at the 15-minute mark after the scheduled match start time. Your opponents will then have an additional amount of time to respond to the administrator and Join/Host (The additional amount of time is based on the administrator’s discretion).

3. Failure to follow the directions and the set deadlines from the administrator will result in a forfeiture of the match.

4. We do not accept messages between players as proof (Xbox/PSN messages, Twitter, etc.) 

5. 100 GTD Tournies need at minimum 4 teams to run or it will be cancelled,200 GTD Tournies need at minimum 8 teams to run or it will be cancelled,If the tournaments do not meet the requirments credits will be refunded..There is no money back refunds!


1. A team has 15 minutes from the scheduled match time to show for matches; failure to do so could potentially result in a forfeiture of the match.

2. In the situation that the opposing team does not show up for the scheduled match. You may then begin to record no show proof after the 15-minute mark after the scheduled match time. The proof video must be 5 minutes or longer that clearly shows a timestamp and you inviting your opponents multiple times then you can then report your win after that 5 minutes of recording. If your opponents then dispute the match, you can submit your proof in a wager match dispute ticket. If the proof is not clear enough the match may be cancelled. 

3. We do NOT accept messages between players as proof (Xbox/PSN Messages, Twitter, etc.)

Acquring Proof

1. Proof may be acquired by recording situations and all matches. Keep in mind, may the situation arise where the opposing team makes a dispute, and you are unable to provide valid proof of winning the previous match, you risk the match being canceled.

2. All proof must be recorded with the capture device or uploaded using the console's (Xbox One / PS4) "share" system.

3. If you do not use the consoles DVR feature, you risk your proof being considered "Insufficient." We HIGHLY suggest you use your consoles DVR feature for proof.

4. If you are unsure what proof to gather in a certain situation, please note this in the ticket or ask the live support admin if your match is to be dealt with through live support. If we require additional proof the ticket may not be closed immediately; we will reply to the ticket so please check comments as much as possible.

Submitting Proof

1. When providing proof, you must post/send the direct URL in the ticket or live support. If the URL link supplied is not accessible the proof will not be counted or used in judgement of the ticket.

2. For proof to be considered valid, it must have the full scoreboard with gamertags and all applicable game information including the proof method used for the game, with the proof being clear enough for staff to read it.

3. Submitting fake, irrelevant, or old proof may result in a temporary suspension from GG.

4. Any conversation may not be considered valid proof; this includes, but is not limited to: Twitter conversations, PMs, AIMs, Skype, or messages through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. This means messages are NOT a form of valid

If a match gets escalated and the proof is unavailable within 48 hours of the match being finalized you risk the match being cancelled as we can not accurately decide the winner.


1. It is the responsibility of all teams involved in a match to report scores at the completion of their match. For wagers and ladders, teams must report the match within 120 minutes of completion. If a team reports within 120 minutes and the opposing team fails to do so, the outcome will be determined by the reporting team. The match outcome may not be overturned unless extensive proof has been supplied to our support team promptly.

2. If a team reports a win for no reason, it may result in a forfeit of the match, and they risk being banned. Teams should in this instance accept their loss to avoid further complications if they did in fact lose.

3. Ladder/Wager matches: if you report the loss for your team, GG will not reverse and cancel the match. It is the responsibility of the reporter to report the correct score.

4. Tournament matches: if you do not win a match, we ask that you, please report the loss or accept your opponent’s report. Members that do not report or accept the report may be banned from competing in tournaments. Thank you.


1. In the case of a dispute, teams must submit a ticket with valid proof of their claims. If a team does not submit a ticket, in a reasonable amount of time, they are risking receiving the loss for the match. If a ticket is submitted late or not submitted at all, the match outcome will not be able to be overturned.

Response Times

1. Tickets are handled in the order they are received. Please contact GG support regarding any tickets that have been submitted. If the member that submitted the ticket is an Elite member, then they will have said that the user disagrees with any call the ticket may be escalated. The same admin and tickets will not review ticket. Escalation can only occur once per ticket.

Contact Requirements 

YOUR GAMERTAG MUST BE CORRECT (in the event it does not match your match details page, it is the admin's discretion to forfeit the match)

The Gamertag or user identification that is active when tournament bracket generates is the Gamertag that will be displayed in the match details. If a member changes their Gamertag after the bracket generates, it will not update in the match details. Members are responsible for playing with the gamertag that is displayed in the match details.

Please note: If a member changes their Gamertag after the bracket generates, their Gamertag will update on their profile page. However, it will NOT update in the match details. Again, the gamertag that is displayed in the match details is the Gamertag that must be used.

PC Members playing in either PC or console tournaments if allowed must have their twitter linked at all times on the GG account

Fortnite: If a match is started on incorrect gamertags, then teams have 30 seconds from the bus departing Spawn Island to leave the match before the results will stand as though played out normally with everything being correct.


Global Tournaments

Due to routing distance/ping, we cannot guarantee adequate connection. Members that enrol into Global tournaments agree to these Conditions and understand connection issues are outside of GG's control. Please follow the lag guidelines for your game in question if your issue is covered under them.

Cheating and KMB Usage

If a user is found to be cheating via software or hardware in a GG match in any way they risk forfeiture and a ban. The user can also be requested to replay their match with specific instructions from the admin. The particular instructions can include allowing an admin to spectate, or issue a handcam unless explicitly outlined as allowed, for instance, the use of a keyboard and mouse is allowed on Fortnite as the game itself allows the use of it, However, it is not for any other console game. (See below for more detail)

To ensure fair competition, GG holds the right to modify any match-related rules listed herein on a case-by-case basis. Teams who manipulate these rules maliciously and at the expense of other members can be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to any form of cheating or exploitation of the game. If asked to hand you MUST, failure to do so will result in a forfeit of the match

Call Of Duty GG SnD

Search and Destroy

Win Condition

Round Limit: Unlimited

Round Win Limit: 6

Round Time Limit: 1.5min



Silent plant: Enabled



Reveal Fog of WarDisabled

Pre Match Timer - Default

Pre Round Timer - 0-5


Specialist settings

Health and Damage >

Friendly Fire: Enabled

Cooldowns >

Specialist weaponry: Disabled

Equipment: Disabled


Lobby Settings

Best play: Enabled

3rd Person Spectating: Disabled ( Does not apply to 1v1 )

Battlechatter: Disabled

3rd Person gesture: Disabled 

3rd person gesture camera control: Disabled

You will need to scroll below "Best Play" in Lobby Settings to disable 3rd Person Gesture


Wrong Rules is a forfeit of one round and using a banned item is a forfeit Of one Round



All LMGs

All Shotguns

All Launchers

All Streaks






High caliber

Rapid fire

Stock 2

Fmj 2



Threat detector



Comsec device

Body armor




All Equipment is disabled in the settings and therefore banned.

Perk 2


Perk 3


Team Link



Primary Operator mod

Perk1 Gluttony

Perk2 Gluttony

Perk 3 Gluttony

Secondary operator mod




ALL SPECIALISTS ARE BANNED (see specialist settings)


Snaking is Banned 

Snaking and snake sliding are both banned 

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